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International certification training Individual Profiles and Groups, Teams and Organisations

This certification training consists of two modules given in five consecutive days. Individual Profiles (IP) and Groups, Teams and Organisations (GTO). The IP training provides a sound basis. In this course, you learn how you can use Management Drives software to help individuals in their development towards leadership. Besides that, you’ll learn how you can use the Management Drives software to improve groups, teams and organisations.

You learn to understand what drives someone and present this knowledge to the recipient in an understandable way and advise him or her on further development. You not only master the theory of drives and leadership, but you can also apply the new knowledge in practice.

The course also helps you in your own leadership. You will look in to the mirror, because your drives determine how you view someone else’s drives. What will you keep, develop and let go?

During the certification training GTO, you’ll learn to do a team scan, which provides a detailed analysis of the culture. You’ll learn how to analyse the team profiles and to give non-judgemental feedback, so that the group becomes aware of its drives, strengths and pitfalls. You’ll learn how diversity works and how teams change in a way that gives energy. You’ll be provided with concrete programs for seeing, acting and securing the needed change. From that moment, you can start using our software and Management Drives to improve teams and organisations.

  • The course takes 5 days 
  • The course is intended for both managers and external professionals.
  • The investment is € 5.000 (VAT exempted).
  • The course is given at our office in Zeist. If there are at least five participants, we can give the course in your own organisation.
  • Including lunch, tea and coffee.
  • Travel and hotel expenses are excluded, but hotel can be arranged for you. 
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  • Independently, you can improve individuals with the Management Drives-software.
  • You will learn to really see what drives a person and you can give feedback on the profile in a clear and understandable way.
  • Analyse team profiles and put teams in their strength.
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