During this course you will learn to read and interpretate a Management Drives profile and to provide professional feedback. You are able to advice your customer and support their personal and team development.

international-trainingsprogram-management-drivesBased on the individual Management Drives profile you are able to tell what drives this person but also what he rejects. What gives and takes energy and also which drives and behaviour keeps them most engaged, whether he likes it or not.

The combination of individual results provides a insight into the drives of a group. The group profile shows the potential strenghts and challenges of the group. This profile is key to establish the best way to manage the mand any actions that may be required to balance the group.


First day from 12:30 PM CET until 18:00 PM

-Start and Introduction Mastering leadership
-Theory and practices of Management Drives
-Exercises on explaining and exploring profiles

Second day from 09:00 AM until 20:00 PM

-Wrap up of the colours
-Discussions of the questions, excercises
-Mindset, Leadership and exercises
-Dinner with the group

Third day from 09:00 AM until 18:00 PM

-From Individual profiles to Groups
-Group profile; group logic, diversity, all plus, all minus
-Team scan and follow up actions

Last day from 09:00 AM until 12:30 PM

-Working with teams
-Wrap up individual and group profiles


Miranda Langeveld 

  • Voor wie
    Consultants, managers, advisors, HR staff, trainers and coaches who want to use the Management Drives tool and tests. Open for non-residents of The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • Tijdsduur
    Education 4 days, 1 day preparation, two days of afterwork
  • Vereist
  • Vooraf
    Take the Management Drives test and read a number of chapters from the Management Drives Profile Book
  • Maximale groep
    8 participants (Education will proceed if there are more then 5 participants)
  • Prijs
    € 3.250
  • Inbegrepen
    • Management Drives Certificate if you have passed the exam
    • Lunch, coffee and tea
    • Access to a specific section of the Management Drives website, where you can download a variety of materials
    • Inclusion in our partner database
    • Including three lunches and one dinner with the participants.
    • Management Drives software is included. This is the INDEPENDENT test facility that includes five free tests. Starting 1 January of the following calendar year, INDEPENDENT will cost €360 per year, with 3 free tests each year.
    • Not included is travel expenses, breakfast, other dinners and hotel.
    • We can help make hotel arrangements (situated across the street of our office).
  • Opleidingsdagen
    • Monday 28 august till friday 1 september