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Astrid Oostrom

Director Management Drives Netherlands

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I began my career in the field of education. I retained my fondness for children and passion for education when I made to switch to a position at a management consultancy firm, where I began focusing on human behaviour and the dynamics of group processes.

I came into contact with Management Drives for the first time after becoming Director of a consultancy firm in 2004, and a whole new world opened up for me. This tool answers questions from clients and ourselves which, until now, we have been unable to answer. Why do people sometimes fail to do what they are capable of doing? Why does our team keep running into the same problems over and over again? Insight into the drives of individuals invariably turned out to be the start of gaining a handle on the development of the individual, team and organisation. For me, it was a logical next step to use Management Drives for the origin of our development, namely, education.

In mid-2010 I was given the opportunity at Management Drives to fully dedicate my time to establishing a separate department for education. This resulted in the development of a  specific drives test for the field of education. If knowing yourself is the key to success, this is absolutely essential for the target group working with our children.


  • Visser-Smits Den Haag, Teacher’s Training College
  • Stanislas College, Delft
Astrid Oostrom
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