Team building

Working to improve your existing team is what we refer to as team performance or team effectiveness.

You may sometimes have the opportunity to put together your own team. This may be the case with a new organisation, but, in most cases, it involves a project team. We call this team building or team design.

In the team design programme, we carry out the following steps:

  • Determining the task/role of the project team.
  • Determining the goals to be pursued.
  • Determining the team’s surroundings.
  • Determining the behaviour expected of the team.
  • Determining which drives are best suited to the desired behaviour.
  • Determining the division of tasks within the team.
  • Determining the consequences of this for the distribution of drives within the team.
  • Recruitment and selection based on content expertise, supplemented with references in terms of drives and behaviour.

In putting together a project team, you often have the opportunity to choose the specific team members. This is usually done based on the necessary functional knowledge. What task needs to be fulfi lled and during which phase of the project? Drives can help you put together the most effective team.

During the design phase of an ICT system, for example, it is a good idea to have several Yellow designers contribute, but this drive is less effective during the roll-out phase of the system. Blue would be better suited to this task.

In our MD and Project Management training course we teach you, the project manager, how to make best use of the drives of your team members.