What often matters most during the sales process is the ‘click’ factor. This click mostly takes place in the relationship between the drives.

An Orange-Yellow salesperson will tend to explain his fantastic proposal repeatedly to a Blue customer. But the Blue customer is only interested in a clear-cut, unambiguous and realistic action plan. “Nice pitch, but what exactly are you going to do in concrete terms?” In our Sales and MD programme, we familiarise the salesperson with MD, give him or her insight as well as tips & tricks pertaining to their pitfalls (weaknesses), and how to best deal with customer drives. This enables the salesperson to work more successfully and forge a better relationship with the customer, one that is based on the customers’ needs, ultimately resulting in more sales in both the short and long term. This proven approach is often used in B2B environments.

The steps we take:

  • Determining your strengths and weaknesses (pitfalls) based on your drives.
  • Determining a critical behavioural aspect in terms of the product, the service you are selling.
  • Determining the needs of your customer and how to assess these based on Management Drives.
  • Determining your focal points in your approach to the customer.
  • Formulating your Personal Development Plan.
  • Periodic evaluation based on business cases.