Organisational development

Management Drives is unique in making the link between individual drives, team building and organisational development. The Management Drives matrix is the perfect model for reflecting the interrelationships between these three perspectives.

 A number of questions can be asked in each section of the matrix with regard to that aspect of organisational development.

Step 1, Mission-Vision pertains to who we are and where we are going. Identity, core values, pride and identity are expressly linked to the Purple drive. Vision, long-term developments, the surroundings and the broader perspective are dominant features of the Yellow drive.

Step 2, Strategy and Focus translates the mission and vision into a concrete strategy, i.e. the goals to be pursued, but Step 2 also reveals the risks and which actions are and are not to be taken. Decision-making.

Step 3, Organisation and Communication involves determining how we are going to achieve the formulated goals, which agreements this requires, and how we are going to ensure that people lend support and remain supportive.

Management Drives not only helps you create your organisation, but also achieve your goals and improve performance. Our philosophy is that the development of your organisation is closely linked to the development of your people. Drives are essential to this.