Individual coaching

A Management Drives profile is similar to a mirror and provides new insights. In most cases, the results are not unfamiliar, but Management Drives offers a language that clearly expresses these findings.

Matters that are often difficult to put into words are suddenly clear and concrete. This is the start of self-realisation and is based on your strengths. It would not be possible for us to develop less discernible drives. You are who you are and we respect that. But we can help you work on the maturity level of your drives and how you deal with your rejections. It is always possible to develop certain behaviour, but this must be based on your own drives. Learn to make the most of your drives.

The coaching process consists of a number of steps:

  • Looking into your own mirror and learning what drives you
  • Understanding your barriers in the form of rejections
  • What energises you and what drains you of energy?
  • Establishing a Personal Development Plan
  • Tools for personal development
  • Regular evaluations and follow-up steps