Culture diagnosis

Every organisation must create some balance between its drives, in keeping with the nature of the organisation.

If that balance becomes disrupted, problems will arise. For example, Blue drives (structure, certainties) may very well become so dominant that daring, entrepreneurship and strategic thought are not given enough room to flourish or that Orange drives (entrepreneurship, result orientation) continuously disrupt the much-needed structure in the organisation.

The explanation for such situations is easily found in the drives present, which also hold the key to the solutions. The culture consists of the total sum of all behaviours found in the organisation. Human behaviour is determined by drives.

The following steps are taken in the programme involving participants:

  • Using a simple set of questions, the participants are asked to characterise the culture.
  • A joint analysis is carried out based on the results and a list is made of the typical characteristics of the culture.
  • Together with participants, we determine what this means for the mutual relationships and behaviour.
  • The team determines the desired behaviour and how this is embedded and maintained.
  • This is then translated to the participant level and the participants determine what this means for their own behaviour, in view of their own personal drives.
  • Periodic evaluation and adjustments based on team and individual behaviour.