People communicate with one another in the highest common drive. Drives also often create mutual tension.

Knowing the other person’s drives allows you to effectively determine how the message you are conveying is being received. It is not the conveyor, but the recipient of the message who determines the effectiveness of the communication.

Drives play a very important role in this. Tell a Yellow person that “We’re going to try something new” and he’ll jump up and get started. But someone with a dominant Blue drive will ask himself what he’s been doing wrong all these years.

Understanding each other’s drives makes matters easy to discuss and gives meaning to each other’s reactions to certain situations, often taking the sting out of a possible conflict.

The Teamwork programme consists of the following steps:

  • Determining your natural communication style based on your drives profile
  • Determining which styles are suited to the other drives
  • Explaining why other drives communicate in this way
  • Acquiring different communication styles based on understanding and respect

This programme makes extensive use of actors and role-playing.