Test facilities

MD works with a questionnaire that is administered online.
The results of the questionnaire can be displayed using software developed especially for this purpose.

This software is made available to certified partners after completing the Individual Profiles Certification Training with good results.

The software makes it possible to apply MD directly in practice and the possibility to invite people to take the test through an online link. Once the participant has taken the test, the result can be displayed using custom software.

We distinguish between an Independent, Corporate and Country test facility. The test environments are virtual, which means it is possible to log in from any computer at any time of day.


Certified professionals who expect to administer only a limited number of tests per year should purchase an Independent test facility. With this facility, you pay in arrears for the month in which the tests are administered. You can publish and process the tests independently. The purchase price for this facility is included in the Individual Profiles training programme.


We recommend that end users and certified professionals who plan to use more than 100 tests purchase the Corporate test facility. This facility allows you to purchase the tests at a considerably lower rate. You pay in advance by the batch (100 tests). Tests purchased by the batch have an unlimited shelf life. The management system also includes an additional functionality for Independent testing.


The Country test facility is intended for country organisations. In our international network, this facility offers the possibility to create Independent and Corporate facilities. Management Drives is eager to talk to parties who, with MD as the contractor, wish to play a leading role in countries where we are not yet represented.

For more information on the test facilities, contact us at testresult@managementdrives.com