Individual Profiles Training

The Management Drives certification training course for individual profiles is aimed at measuring, interpreting, understanding and applying individual test results.

The participants learn to convey these profiles in a manner that can be easily recognised by the test candidate. The challenge here is to provide feedback that is free of judgement. After all, your own values determine how you view the values of others. Naturally this aspect receives considerable attention during the course.

The result

The Management Drives certification training course for individual profiles provides a theoretical foundation for the drives and world views on which our explanation of individual profiles is based.

You learn to analyse the profiles and provide feedback free of judgement, resulting in fast and in-depth insight into the drives of an individual. What drives this person? As far as thinking style is concerned, is this individual geared to ratio, emotion and/or instinct? Will he contribute to anything, actually achieve anything or view matters more existentially? Is he a Dreamer or a Doer? Where does he derive his energy and, equally as important, his negative feelings? Drives are also predictive of behaviour!

  • Target group
    Consultants, managers, advisors, HR staff, trainers and coaches who want to explicitly use the Management Drives tool and tests.
  • Duration
    4 days over the course of around 3 weeks 2-3 days of self-study between course dates
  • Prerequisites
  • Preparation
    Take the Management Drives test and read a number of chapters from the book “Management Drives Field Book”
  • Maximum group size
    8 persons
  • Price
    €3,250 (VAT exempt)
  • Includes
    • Book “Management Drives Field Book” and course folder
    • Management Drives Certificate if you have passed the exam
    • Lunch, coffee and tea
    • Access to a specific section of the Management Drives website, where you can download a variety of materials
    • Inclusion in our partner database
    • Management Drives software is included. This is the INDEPENDENT test facility that includes five free tests. Starting 1 January of the following calendar year, INDEPENDENT will cost €360 per year, with 3 free tests each year.
  • Course dates