Groups and Teams training course

The MD certification course for groups and teams is a three-day course that teaches you how to interpret and apply group profiles.

During this training course, you will learn to ask additional questions concerning the organisational and team culture and how to advise the group regarding further development. Several tools, matrices and a concrete 3 step plan that is linked to the drives are available to this end.

The result

This course teaches you to help groups and teams with their development in a targeted fashion. You start with a half-day or full-day session, during which you use the culture assessment and investment questions to map out the area in which the team can develop, the strength of the team and the focal areas.

The 3 step model is use to determine whether this concerns the Refl ection (Mission- Vision), Creation (Strategy-Focus) and/or Organisation (People-Structure) area. You then recommend development steps to the team (more or less based on the relevant drives) and behaviour to be linked to this.

Another aspect of group training is the match between the manager and the team, the match between the drives of the team and the task at hand, and putting together the most effective team for a particular task.

  • Maximum group size
    8 persons
  • Price
    €2.495,- (VAT exempt)
  • Includes
    • Course folder
    • Management Drives Certificate if you have passed the exam
    • Lunch, coffee and tea
    • Access to a specific section of the Management Drives website, where you can  download a variety of materials
    • Inclusion in our partner database
    • Add-on to the Management Drives Viewer software
  • Target group
    Anyone (self-employed persons without personnel, managers, HR staff) who is interested in using the Management Drives tool and tests for advising groups and teams.
  • Duration
    3 days over the course of around 3 weeks Half-day of self-study between course dates
  • Prerequisites
    Management Drives Individual Profiles Certificate
  • Preparation
    We ask that you read a number of chapters from the book “Management Drives Field Book”
  • Course dates