Testimonials from leaders on Management Drives

I’ve used Management Drives in different situations in both Europe and in Emerging Markets in order to achieve top teams. Every time, Management Drives proves to make a valuable contribution to creating a common language for our different cultures, styles and working methods. This has resulted in stronger teamwork, faster resolution of conflicts and, ultimately, better performance in the companies I have led.
Anders Moberg, former CEO of Ahold and IKEA


We clearly see the improvements you have achieved in this organisation, for which you have my compliments. I found it extremely enjoyable to work together with you and, when the occasion arises, I will absolutely think of you as a consultant/advisor/guide for companies encountering problems. The battle is not yet won, but I am extremely impressed by what you have achieved to date.
Hans Jacobs, Director RISK of Van Lanschot Bankiers


Bringing together visions and individuals who, as professionals, are strongly oriented towards their own domain is something I experience as my passion and a major challenge. Management Drives helps us by providing insight that allows us to better manage the organisation. This is done with considerable respect for the individual while, at the same time, providing points of departure for better teamwork.
Paul Doop, Vince president executive board University of Amsterdam


Such fantastically developed materials: the folder,nthe book, the brochure. And what a great reception and terrific presentation: the building, the bag, the rooms. MD has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge and is right on target with their profiles. Full of nuance and keenness. I’ve learned an enormous amount of new things. And I’m envious that I’m not as adept as you guys are.
Fellow consultancy firm


Things need to be done dramatically differently. Nowadays, authentic leadership is far more important. What really matters is who you are and how do you connect to others based on who you are. Management Drives shows you who you are and how you answer for your behaviour, allowing you to convey this to others.
Sanneke Sarels van Rijn, HRM Manager at Ziggo


We set up a new organisation with new tasks and responsibilities, improved the process within the existing structure, and improved collaboration within the existing process. We applied Management Drives on all three of these levels.
Mark Visser, Partner at EffectiveBrands


Management Drives has taught us to better understand one another in a new dimension, namely, through drives. This approach makes it easier to recognise and acknowledge that people are different and to understand how we can benefit one another. Management Drives has contributed to helping us get to where we are today. I’m convinced of that.
Georgette Fijneman, Director of Change and Process Management at SNS Reaal


I think that, first and foremost, the focus on the mental aspect of the sport is what will keep Schaerweijde in the first division. How does someone react under pressure? This is what matters most on the top level and it is precisely this that we are able to map out with Management Drives. I think we clearly profit from this compared to other clubs.
Bart Looije, Head Coach of Schaerweijde hockey club in NRC