Management Drives Training


Management Drives is more than an innovative and highly practical method. It can be applied quickly and easily within organisations and has considerable depth. To achieve that depth, we offer special training courses.

The training courses offered by Management Drives are oriented towards enriching your current practices with the Management Drives concept and provides you with tools for improving the (personal) management of individuals, teams and organisations.

Individual Profiles and Groups & Teams Certification training

The Certification training courses are aimed at teaching the foundation of Management Drives, i.e. interpreting individual and group profiles and choosing the right interventions. The Individual Profiles training course teaches how to measure, interpret, understand and apply individual test results. The Groups and Teams training course teaches how to measure, interpret, understand and work with groups.

IP Expert Class

The IP Expert Class provides you with signifi cantly more depth in reading MD profiles. Themes like learning, coaching, leadership and development styles are examined in detail and you are given access to an online community, where all IP Experts come together to share their experience and knowledge.


Whereas the MD training courses provide insight into drives (that explain and partly predict behaviours), the MD Feedback course explains how to measure behaviour. You are taught how to effectively read and interpret the scores using the method and how to explain them to respondents. As regards the method, this training course adds value by focusing more emphatically on the behaviour of individuals. After completing this course, you will be provided with new software for creating tests and displaying the results to the respondents.

The above training courses can also be given in-company based on the needs and culture of the organisation. The ultimate result is paths that are efficient and naturally linked to the daily operations of the organisation.