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Performance programme

A performance programme is always drawn up in consultation with the client, because it involves specific wishes arising from a basic session. In a basic session every participant is aware that improving performance is all about ensuring a positive motivation.

Every person is capable of demonstrating any behaviour, as long as they are motivated based on their own dominant drives. In the performance programme it’s about awareness, movement and embedding of behaviour from people’s own drives.

The basic Management Drives session is the first step and gives insight into the factors that motivate people. At the same time, based on a team scan and the interpretation of the results for the team, it is decided what they want to keep, develop and let go. Now it’s about translating that insight into movement and really embedding it. To do this, Management Drives offers a performance programme. This performance programme follows on from a basic Management Drives session.

The performance programme is customised and always relates to two parts, i.e.:

  • Team: what does the team need and what steps can and must the team make;
  • Individual: what does the individual want and what motivates the individual to do this

The programme is a combination of individual and team sessions. The individual sessions are intended to move and embed individual behaviour, while the team sessions are intended for cooperation in the team or training behaviour in a team context. All this is linked to and fits in with the substantive development direction of the organisation.

Within this performance programme, training sessions are specifically designed to develop or let go of certain behaviour. These training sessions can be embedded in the programme. They may relate to conflict management, clear and transparent communication, giving and receiving feedback, presentation and visibility. These training sessions are also crucial when it comes to desired and essential behaviour in reorganisations, changes or crises.

In a performance programme, we work intensively on behaviour aimed at ultimately improving the performance of the team and the individual. This is always based on the positive motivation of the participants.

In brief
  • Next step after Basic session Management Drives
  • Team: What does the team need and which steps could and should the team take?
  • Individual: What does the individual want and what motivates the individual to do this?