We contribute to the growth and development of people in educational organisations.

What we do for education

We strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy their work based on their strength. From the passion for development, we aim to create an optimal education climate in which the best (learning) results are achieved.

Management Drives
The colours

This what drives say about a

  • Wants to analyse, understand, fathom
  • Prioritises people and social bonds
  • Wants to show progress, results and achievements
  • Wants to create certainty and clarity
  • Stands for courage, pace and power
  • Helpful and creates bonds and security
  • Shared Vision
  • Cooperation
  • Common target
  • Clear agreements
  • Focus
  • Bonding
  • Vision
  • People
  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Focus
  • Mission
Individual profile

Clearly indicates what drives someone

The basis is the individual profile.
This indicates what drives someone and how this person uses his or her knowledge and competences. Illustrated in 4 recognisable graphics.

Team profile

See each others’ differences as strengths

The basis is having insight into each team member. As soon as a team realises that each team member thinks and acts differently, the team can develop. And its performance can improve

The team profile reflects what drives a team and how this team uses its knowledge and competences.

More effective functioning
We strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy their work based on their strength, so that school organisations, teams and individuals can blossom optimally. In primary (PO), special (SO), secondary (VO), intermediate vocational (MBO), regional (ROC), higher professional (HBO) and university (WO) education and training, we support supervisory boards, executive boards, directors, managers, teachers and students. With the help of Management Drives, they are given insight into their drives and behaviour. This creates a basis for more effective and above all more inspired functioning of educational organisations, teams and individuals.

The starting point here is the education survey. This has been specially developed for people working in education. For adolescent students, we have developed the Junior survey. This gives them and their teachers and parents insight into their specific needs, motivation and learning style.

Apply knowledge optimally
We train both independent professionals and staff in educational organisations to work with Management Drives. They use Management Drives for study option guidance, recruitment and selection, assembling effective teams and for developing and improving cooperation.

We actively involve our own trained licence holders in our services. In this way, the knowledge and applications are optimally used to improve the education.

What do you want to develop?

Management Drives makes leadership tangible and effective.
We successfully apply our knowledge to both timeless and current themes. What do you want?