Business Lines

Management Drives works in various business lines; the specific Management Drives method is combined with the specific characteristics of a sector, resulting in a sector-specific approach.

The tabs below provide more information on our approach for each sector. You can also download relevant documents.

  • Business services

    People are an important link in the performance of organisations. This applies to all sectors, but if there is a specific sector in which this is crucial, that sector would be the business services sector.

    A service consists of a delivered product, but the quality and perceived quality of that product are strongly determined by the person delivering the service. In other words, your people are essential for performance, making it extremely important to know your people’s drives. It is also important for your people to know their own drives and to be aware of the drives present in their working environment.

    Self-insight and self-fulfilment are essential for both individuals and the organisation. Management Drives improves the performance of organisations by enhancing the effectiveness of its people.

    Stephan van der Vat,
    Managing Partner

    Business services brochure

    In the business services brochure, you can read testimonials from a number of our clients. We examine their personal leadership, market vision and economic developments in depth. They also talk about how they heard about Management Drives and what Management Drives has meant for them as individuals, teams and as an organisation.

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  • Government and semi-government

    As with business services, people who work for the government are also essential for the performance of the organisation. Knowledge, skills, experience AND the drives of people determine performance.

    Society places increasingly greater demands on government services while, at the same time, people want to pay less for these services. This affects the government and its employees. The government is making cuts and the same work must be done but with fewer people.

    This means that the work must be carried out effectively and efficiently, and with the necessary quality. Management Drives helps by giving people insight into behaviour and processes. This insight makes it possible to improve the performance of people and the organisation by using the energy of individuals.

    Richard Berenschot,
    Managing Partner

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  • Education

    We probably share the same passion: guiding students in their development in the broadest sense of the word.

    I’ve always preferred the training, coaching and advisory processes within education. After all, what would happen to the children if we were to neglect our own personal development?

    When I first came into contact with Management Drives, a whole new world opened up for me. This tool answers questions from clients and ourselves which, until now, we have been unable to answer. Why do people sometimes fail to do what they are capable of doing?

    Why does our team keep running into the same problems over and over again? Insight into the drives of individuals invariably turned out to be the start of gaining a handle on the development of the individual, team and organisation. For me, it was a logical next step to use Management Drives for the origin of our development, namely, education.

    Every since I began using Management Drives in education, the expressiveness and applicability continue to be virtually inexhaustible.

    Astrid Oostrom,
    Directeur Onderwijs 

    Education Brochure

    In the education brochure, we have ten managers from the world of education share their experiences with you. These experiences include schools that have shifted their focus to results and effi ciency or that have succeeded in turning cutbacks into opportunity and are now working in an outputoriented manner.

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  • Health care

    The goal is always to develop an effective and efficient solution that benefits the client. Changes take place rapidly in the health care sector. Management Drives is familiar with the challenges facing the health care sector and insight into drives provides people with tools for behaviour-based management.

    On a team level, Management Drives shows how the collaboration between people and the performance of a team can be improved. On an organisational level, Management Drives help to develop a clear vision, formulate realistic targets, and achieve them with the necessary support.

    If there is a specific sector in which people are crucial for performance, that sector would be the health care sector. The development of the organisation requires the development of individuals.

    Miranda Langeveld,

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  • Not-for-profit

    The not-for-profit sector still exists but, unlike in the
    past, effectiveness and efficiency are also essential
    here, if only due to the fact that this sector works with public funds. Here, too, people must be motivated and performance must be efficient and effective.

    Many organisations in the not-for-profit sector have
    undergone major changes in recent years. They are required to think more in terms of business economics while, at the same time, carry out tasks with social

    This dual role makes management and collaboration complex. Management Drives helps determine a clear vision and positioning, while allowing people to achieve optimal collaboration while promoting social interests.

    Herma Roelink,

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  • Sports

    As a coach, I strive to get the maximum out of my team. We aim to achieve a goal, but in a manner that gives all team members the feeling that they have given their all and have been part of a unique experience. I want my team players to genuinely improve and want to help them achieve this. In a team with different personalities, you need to approach each individual personally. As a coach, I want to approach each team member in a way that is relevant to that individual.

    Management Drives teaches me what energises my players and how I can best reach them. Some require a clearly individual goal, while others want clarity regarding what exactly is needed to excel. Management Drives helps to connect with the players in the most effective way.

    A top athlete aims for gold. Every athlete approaches his or her sport differently and has a different training, preparation and execution method. These aspects are
    influenced by the athlete’s drives.

    Why do some athletes respond differently to pressure than others? Where does the athlete’s strength lie, and what about the strength of the team? As a coach, you can positively improve the performance of the team by better understanding how you motivate or confront your team members. Insight into the drives of players gives insight into how you can enhance the mental strength of the player.

    Bart Looije,
    Senior consultant sport 

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