Management Drives applications

One of the few tools of its kind, Management Drives makes it possible to translate the drives and behaviour of individuals to teams and the organisation as a whole.

That is why the Management Drives method is used for a wide range of purposes.

What the various uses of Management Drives have in common is that not only do they offer insight into the individual and his or her behaviour, but also their place within the organisation. When examining teams and organisations, however, we take our point of department from the individual.

Practical applicability

Eighty percent of the success of leadership and projects depends on ‘soft’ factors. Management Drives makes these factors measurable and provides ways to deal with them effectively. Practical applicability and pragmatism are key to all applications.

Management Drives works with a group of experienced trainers and consultants, each with a different professional background. Whether it concerns knowledge of finances, legal matters, sales, management or human resource, we can make the perfect match between the right professional knowledge, drives and method for you. We would be happy to discuss what the most suitable approach would be for your specific situation and develop an entirely obligation-free proposal for you. Contact us using the contact form.