What is Management Drives?


Management Drives improves the performance of organisations by increasing the effectiveness of its employees. We are a management consultancy firm that uses a unique method that offers insight into individuals, teams and organisations.

Our method makes immediately clear that people and organisations alike have specific ingrained thought patterns and habits. We measure these thought patterns in the form of drives. The resulting insight yields new and surprising perspectives. Drives largely determine how an individual, team or organisation functions. A person’s drive predicts his behaviour. It determines his motivation to do or not to do things.

Achieve goals faster

Good leaders know that you can’t change people’s drives. But the corresponding behaviour can be developed. Good leaders also know which leadership style best suits the different drives and motivate their people by using their dominant drives! This way, the people are working in their strength zone, making it possible to achieve goals or necessary changes in the organisation sooner.

Management Drives helps people and teams improve performance. We also help them develop a joint vision, translate it into a clear strategy and plans that are ‘worn’ by the individuals.

For more than 14 years, Management Drives has been measuring the drives of boards of directors, executive boards, management teams and their staff. Profiles have been analysed for more than 200,000 individuals. Clients are loyal because the use of Management Drives enables them to reach their goals faster and more effectively, and makes them more attainable.

Management Drives ISO gecertificeerdManagement Drives is ISO certified

Management Drives Europe B.V. has a certificate on basis of ISO 9001.

Categories that apply for this certificate are:

  • Providing education and training in the applications of Management Drives;
  • Consultancy assignments that include the drives of people;
  • Carry out Management Drives questionnaires.